Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What are the ways in which the preserving biodiversity locally might have an global effect?

The protection and preserving of the many bio-diversities is key. The animals and plants can be helpful to scientists for medical purposes and helping to discover new species. If we preserve them, then we will not have to worry about the loss in future medical assistance and the preservation of the habitats. Every habitat in vital to the natural balance of the Earth, it is there for a reason. If one goes, it will upset the balance, and the entire world will be effected.

How do habitat destruction and loss of species effect more than just one area?

Weather patterns can affect more than one area, and they can change for the loss of a certain biodiversity. Also there is a destruction in the oceans is major and it will affect the population of certain species of fish and sea life. The sharks are being killed for their fins, to create shark fin soup, which is a delicacy in Japan. Sharks are the greatest predatory fish, and without them the population of their prey will dramatically increase. Whaling is also has an impact on the ocean's populations. Without whales, who is there to eat the krill and plankton? With no one to eat them, their population grows. Habitat destruction is not only at sea. It affects inland, too. 12.5% of Earth's plants are rare and the rate in deforestation is going up. If we cut down too many trees, our oxygen and carbon dioxide balance will not be even. This will affect more than one area. Humans are dependent on oxygen to survive, and trees are one of the main producers of it. Without the trees, how do we breathe? It is VITAL to us.

How does preserving biodiversity enhance the life of people?

There are many medicines that have not been discovered, and if we destroy the fragile bio-diversities we will lose this benefit. There can be the cure for cancer for all we know it, but we may never know this. In the last 20 years, there has been a increase in the excitement for medicines from the variety biodiversity. Scientific American said, " Habitat loss and escalating, uncontrolled exploitation make a lethal combination to species of biomedical interest." 10% to 30% of species are threatened to be extinct. What if one of the species is the key to solving the next outbreak of disease or plaque? If we destroy them, we destroy the chance of longer lives.

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